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Tooth Extraction/Wisdom tooth Removal

Grossly decayed tooth, tooth beyond restoration and tooth with severe mobility, malaligned tooth that requires removal are extracted under local anesthesia. “Wisdom teeth” are the third permanent molars that erupt into the oral cavity during the late teens or early twenties. In dental terminology, an “impacted” tooth refers to a tooth that has failed to emerge fully into its expected position. This failure to erupt properly might occur because there is not enough room in the person’s jaw to accommodate the tooth, the tooth’s eruption path is obstructed by other teeth or because the angulation of the impacted tooth is improper. A great deal of the degree of difficulty associated removing a wisdom tooth will have to do with the manner in which it is positioned in the patient’s jawbone. In general, the tooth and its root morphology, the alignment and direction of the wisdom tooth and the amount of bone covering the tooth determine the ease of removing a wisdom tooth.
Dental Avenue is well equipped with all latest materials and instrument required for minor oral surgical procedure. As a way of trying to minimize any potential for discomfort during the process of administering local anesthesia, we often paint a skin numbing gel on their patient’s gum. Hence the procedure of tooth extraction is a pain free dental experience!!!!
If you need further assistance to explain the procedure, Please ask. We are here to help answer those questions.