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Gummy Smile Correction

The smile-line is determined by the shape and size of the lips, the facial muscles, shape and size of the teeth, and the gingival tissue. Ideally, an aesthetic smile line should reveal the least amount of gingival tissue possible. Gum tissue present in the smile-line should exhibit balance with the contours in harmony with the upper lip. Since a gummy smile can have a negative effect on the aesthetics of a smile, one needs to consider various treatment options available to correct the condition when desired by the patient. Correcting a gummy smile can be accomplished by a simple dental procedure were a minimal amount of gum tissue is removed and tissue reduction is done. Both the procedures are painless, and the gum tissues usually heal within couple of weeks. Following a crown lengthening procedure, further treatment with either porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns will be required to achieve a beautiful new smile.

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