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Smile Design and Esthetics

Smile Makeover is done to correct imperfections like gaps between teeth, misalignment, jetting out teeth, crowded and overlapping teeth, and discolored teeth using Ceramic Dental Laminates and Veneers. These are thin shell like tooth colored structure, designed to cover the front side of the tooth. Smile makeover not only beautifies your smile but also enhances your overall confidence, Approach, opportunities and oral health. A smile makeover depends on the “artistic eye” of the dentist, smile designer & dental technician. It is a team which strives to deliver a perfect smile without any compromises. The procedure involves mock up, Shade selection, tooth preparations followed by making of impressions. In the next step of production of veneers & crowns, a special co-ordination between dentist and technician is needed to make veneers & crowns that perfectly compliment the patients’ facial characteristics, bite & shade. A set of temporary laminates and veneers are placed and assessed for any correction accordingly. Finally the veneers & crowns are permanently bonded over the natural teeth to give that perfect smile that he dreamt of.”
If you need further assistance to explain the procedure about smile design and esthetics, Please ask. We are here to help answer those questions.

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